Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Shirt for Deuce

Hello again. So apparently I am becoming a slightly less selfish seamstress (not that there is anything wrong with that ).  I wanted to make a shirt for my dear boyfriend, Deuce. This is my first attempt at McCalls 6044

I used black color snaps for the closures and I'm really pleased with their look. We did have a slight accident with application, however, when Deuce wanted to help. A broken snap tool and holey Ikea cutting table later...He is now only allowed in the sewing room for observational purposes (he got a little too enthusiastic with the rubber mallet).

The pattern does not call for bias pockets, but all the cool plaid shirts have them so I decided that they were a must. Also, the prospect of matching up pockets was a bit beyond my patience level and I knew that DB was anal enough to let unmatched pockets get to him. So I interfaced a scrap of fabric and cut the pockets and flaps from that so that they would not get warped or stretched. I like the look.

I did, however, attempt to match up the plaid at the center front. As you can see, to little avail. On a ridiculous note- the inside of the shirt matches perfectly. I guess I got my right and wrong sides mixed up. That's the problem with yarn dyed, I guess. On the bright side the horizontal lines in front match pretty well so at least it's as good as ready to wear.

Men's wear was not as fiddly as I had expected it to be, what with the collar stand and and cuffs and all. Admittedly this pattern did not require a sleeve placket, only a narrow hem at the end of the back sleeve seam, so I guess I'll talk about fiddly after I have tackled one of those.

Well, there's another for the "to done" list. So many projects, so little time. On to the next!

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