Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally, The Cape Post!

So, for this post, I wanted to show you guys the wool cape project from start to finish. I have yet to get a really good picture of my wearing it so I'll save that for next time. But until then, here it is!
I used cotton flannel to interline the entire cape, hood and all. I love the warmth and structure it provides.
To interline, I basted all of the flannel pieces to the wool pieces so that, when I sewed each pattern piece to another pattern piece, the wool and and the flannel would be treated as one piece of fabric.

To finish the two ply seams created by the interlining...  

I used a Hong Kong Finish by using binding strips to cover the seam allowances
The instructions called for me to bind the outside of the pocket as well, which I did after serging the edges of the fabric.

Fabric covered buttons are my favorite now! They were so easy to do! Though, my thumb did hurt a bit after I had done them all.

Close up of the back pleat and belt detail.

Putting on the facing.
The outside starting to come together.

Remember that clean sewing room from the pictures before? Me neither. This is what it looks like mid-project. I always clean up after the WIP is an FP.
Watch for a picture of me wearing the finished cape next time. I am going to try to be more diligent about documenting my work. The most recent completed project: a skirt suit with matching blouse, will be up soon as well. There are no work in progress pictures for that one but I do have a few of the finished product, so I will share those. Let me know if you have any questions about the techniques I mentioned and I will do my best to fill you in!

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