Saturday, November 26, 2011


Welcome to my inaugural posting!

I thought a good way to introduce myself, first and foremost, would be to show you my sewing space. I read a lot of sewing blogs on a daily basis. I often imagine what their sewing spaces look like as they describe their work and process. This way, from here on out, you won't have to imagine!

 First Up: This is the view from the door. I have since removed the kitty litter box as I've been told it causes dust build up in machines. I have also since added a Serger to my sewing room: the much pined after Brother-1034D

 This is the cutting table. It is an Ikea vika tabletop with extending metal legs. It's nothing fancy, but it does get the job done.

Here is a close up of my sewing desk. I inherited it from my late great Aunt Ruth. You would not believe the goodies I found in here after my grandmother gave it to me. Vintage shell buttons, bias tape, ribbon, zippers...etc. I have used a lot of what I found already, but I still have plenty more to use with future vintage patterns.

The sewing machine cover you see here was actually my first solo sewing project. The pattern came from the book One Yard Wonders which can be found here. That book was (and still is, actually) amazing! I essentially taught myself to sew with the various projects available. The great part was that there was no guesswork on how much fabric you would need. I found that figuring out how much fabric to get for a project was one of the trickiest sewing issues, as I NEVER remembered to bring the tutorial/pattern with me to the fabric store. When doing these projects, I always knew I only needed a yard. In fact, I could stock up when there was a sale as well.

So I hope this gives you a setting to pull from when I do eventually post my WIP's. Thanks for joining me for my very first blog post!

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